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Content Warning: Horror, Death of loved ones and innocents, supernatural, ghosts, zombies, vampires

Monsters are real. You have known for a while and tirelessly try to rid the world of  their existence. You have seen friends and family die in grisly ways during the  pursuit of one horrible thing or another. Sometimes you wonder if it is worth it. You  won’t always win. There is no fame, glory, or money in it. Still, you carry on against all odds. Because what else is there to do if you know what’s at stake? Give up? God may have. 

Hunters never do.

  • Play Hunters in a world where monsters are real.
  • Form Bonds with your fellow Hunters.
  • Use your Hunter Knacks to level the playing field against evil.
  • Hunters survive because they are lucky. But when it runs out...
  • Still, death doesn't have to mean death.
  • Inspired by Supernatural, Buffy, X-Files, Monsters of the Week and others.

New supplement made for the 24XX microgame. Learn more about it at jasontocci.itch.io/2400 or create your own using the available SRD

Written for the 2020  24XX Game Jam

Interested in more 24XX? Any questions? looking for games? Come join the Discord

Background pattern is downloaded from www.subtlepatterns.com 

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GenreRole Playing
Tagssupernatural, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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Carry On is a rules-lite monster hunter game inspired by Supernatural and Buffy. There are some interesting options for character creation. I always have a soft spot for games about fighting monsters in a modern day, urban setting.

Thank you for your kind words! Hope you get some fun out of it.


❤ Fantastic. I see the "No Fascists Allowed" logo usage is spreading. I love it, while I'm so sad 'cause we need to make such stand so explicit and vibrant, in 2021.

Thank you Andrea! It is sad, but it is also good to see so many support each other in fighting back.