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The 6Q System is a setting-neutral TTRPG that can be picked up and played after answering six questions about your character. All you need otherwise are a couple of d6 in 2 different colours, some pens and paper, and ideally a few friends. One of you can take the role of referee. Then decide on some context and setting for your game. Just choose your favourite piece of popular media, be it a book, series, or film, or anything else that inspires you as a group, and off you go. I believe you can also play it solo, though I haven't tried it. 

Feel free to use this for your games! The 6Q System has the CC BY 4.0 license attached. I would love to hear when people do something with it. The 6Q System is fully playable, though I may add a page for the referee if needed and will tweak where necessary. The screenshot shows the entire thing. Have fun!

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A nice distillation of the Freeform Universal rules. I do think that the "Harm" portion of the game should have some explanation or guidance. I assume the idea is to stat out NPCs with some variation of hitpoints, toughness, or challenge? Or use it as a measure of effect for boons & banes?

Thank you for the kind words. It is loose in that regard. I imagine enemies having a harm track and various Traits, whatever you deem necessary. And those Traits generate Threat dice for the PC.


Elegant, streamlined merging of character and system, with character questions adding some focused depth (much like the cliches in S. John Ross' Risus) and the yes/no-and/but d6 mechanic using Action/Threat dice.

Thank you so much for checking out my game Peter!