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You were a Farmer once. Or a cobbler or blacksmith. Then the spirits of the wild called you to the  Circle of Wardens, a group of defenders of all life against darkness and corruption. Empowered by spirit guides, you face down threats from as small as a corrupt village elder to a maddened dragon attempting to destroy the world. The spirit guides give you extraordinary mythical abilities to enable you to do so. You are not ordinary folk anymore; you are WARDENS

  • Use extraordinary powers in a mysterious world
  • Face threats mundane and monstrous
  • Discover mighty relics.
  • Over 4000 Incantations! (If my math is right)
  • Inspired by RPGs like Symbaroum, DCC and Changeling.

New supplement made for the 24XX microgame. Learn more about it at jasontocci.itch.io/2400 or create your own using the available SRD

Written for the 2020  24XX Game Jam.  

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TagsFantasy, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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Hello, I believe the Element and Effet columns are reversed under Incantations. Also, could you tell a bit more about those, with an example? I'm not familiar with Maze Rats, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to work. Thanks in advance!

Thank you for pointing it out, it is indeed reversed, but it doesn't affect the way they work. Generally speaking, you Roll 3d20 and get e.g. 2,17,20. Avenging Vine Word. What this does and how it affects the game is up to you and your GM.


It took me far too long to get a table together for this but I finally did it. They LOVED it! One of them picked up the Wolf spirit, the other was the Owl. We sent them off in search of a missing dragon egg. A simple premise, but it was more than enough for three hours of fun!

I am so happy to hear this, cheers!


No health tracks, right? We just do it narratively?

Correct, there is no health  track. I highly recommend this article written by the 24XX author, it helped me a lot in understanding how to run combat. https://pretendo.games/2020/11/24/combat-in-24xx/


This game is so evocative! im dying to play it

Thank you so much! I hope you get the chance.


This is a beautiful, inspiring game. I adore the spirit guides and powers. Very well done! Have you playtested them for balance? The cover art is amazing too. It gives a wonderful sense of atmosphere.


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Hey Jim, thank you so much for the kind words! The cover image is what started this all, it is so fantastic. Beeple is great.

I did not Playtest for balance because I think balance in RPGs is overrated and can never be achieved anyway as there are too many human factors involved. I tried to keep them somewhat level though, but its all so very situational and depending on the group or GM. Especially with a light game like this.

I appreciate that, especially with respect to power balance. But there's also fun balance. I've played (and made) games where characters have powers, skills, or traits that don't get used or referenced much or for whatever reason aren't as much fun as others.

I think what you have actually does look pretty balanced, but, say, The Oak only allows your specialty to come into play when you die, which might never happen. 

Indeed, but with that power they can take risks nobody else can.  They can risk death on purpose.  And I think that's powerful. Since it's also get replaced with a different power once used they don't loose out on anything long term.

Good point! :)


Hey, I noticed this was marked as a video game instead of a tabletop (or physical game, as itch.io calls them). I’ve updated this page for you but please make sure to check your others to ensure they’re being placed in the right spot.


Dang thanks. I missed it for this one.