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Content Warning: Post-Apocalypse and related tropes, violence, slavery


At the end of the before-time, deadly fire scorched the earth. Salt flats, craggy canyons, sand molten to glass, and vast stretches of desert are all that's around you. Like toys dropped from a giant child, remnants from before dot the landscape. A rusted tanker in the middle of nowhere, its hull broke apart like a whale corpse burst open. Crumbling remains of structures, now repurposed as fortifications. And, like blackened fingers clawing at the sky, towers billowing dark clouds that still produce the thing everyone wants, no, needs to survive: Gasoline.

This one-page TTRPG uses the flexible Tricube Tales rules to tell stories about survivors on a ravaged earth after the apocalypse. Uses a simple d6 mechanic: If a player attempts something risky, they roll 1-3 six-sided dice and must equal or beat a difficulty of 4-6 on at least one die. There is some nuance and Karma to influence your dice, but that's the gist of it.  

Strap in, drive, scavenge, steal, or barter for Stuff to survive. The wastes and the people that still live there are dangerous, and your only hope is to get out of this place to reach the verdant valley.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsPost-apocalyptic, Tabletop role-playing game


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Is this a different take on the MinimalD6 version of Furious roads? Or sort of a second edition?


It's a different take. Not really a second edition, more a parallel in another rules engine. 


FURIOUS ROADS is a post-apocalyptic RPG. This simple one-page (double-sided) game has all the rules you need to tell your own Mad Max-inspired adventure.

I am so very appreciative of your comments, thanks a bunch, they mean a lot.