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Fangs is a rules-lite vampire RPG. Want to play as vampires, but don't have time to read hundreds of pages, this game has got you covered! I love the 12 lineages in this game, each with unique traits, flaws and gifts.

Thank you, glad you like it!


Hello ! I'm translating the game into the French language.

The translation will be very faithful to the original, except I'll probably add a glossary, a few NPC's (for example half a dozen vampires and other supernaturals in a sample small town), and some advice (damage & fear caused by sunlight and fire).

I just have a small rule question: to rank a beginning character's 4 attributes, you either roll d6 for each, or share 11 points. 11 points is really below the average 4d6 roll (which is 14). Is it a choice?

Thank you for your interest! When I wrote this it was a deliberate choice. You can have full control and be weaker or roll randomly and have a chance to be stronger but with the risk or being weaker. It is meant to encourage random rolls.


Makes sense ! Here's a first draft of my transation, by the way :

(very rough, awkward DeepL-isms, etc.)


WIP updated :

Things I've added :

  • sample NPC's
  • campaign set-up synopsis
  • glossary
  • houserules :
    • fire & sunlight (direct exposition : damage, indirect exposition : resolve roll not to panic)
    • supernatural energy (Mage's inspiration, Spectre's spite, werewolf's wrath...) = works like "blood" (healing & fuel for Gifts) = highest number between Monster and Generation Effec
  • I may also add some other play aids (a chart of lineages & gifts, a sample coterie...)

Sounds great!


Final beta :

Shall be published in a week on, DriveThruRPG and Lulu.

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Sanguinaires (French Fangs) is out !