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This is the playtest version of my d12Core game. This is a working title and may change down the line.  The Rules, Character creation, Combat, Challenges, and monsters are ready for a test drive. Some examples are missing, and the Archetypes and Ancestries need to be reworked to represent more genres. It started as a pure fantasy game but I decided to make it genre neutral and release separate games that are focused on a specific setting. d12Core V1_00 is the latest version.

The game's core mechanic is rolling a d12 Chance Dice with one Ability Dice scaled on a dice chain from d4 to d10. vs a difficulty of 8. The Chance dice Results 11 and 12 have special effects. Around this core are many goodies, like luck mechanics, meta currency, and many more. There are no classic "Stats". Everything is handled through "Abilities". Moreover, characters have "Knacks" that allow them to do extraordinary things. The system is classless but uses Archetypes for character creation and Ancestries inspired by popular fiction tropes. 

This has no layout and no art beside the cover. There was no editing yet. But I am hopeful of getting a proper proofreader soon. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about it. You can do so in the comments below or reach me on my Discord.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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TagsFantasy, Tabletop role-playing game


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Just finished reading this and I really like it! I hope to play it soon


Hey what if you put a number on the file name to know which revision is the older. Like: Fantasy D12 - Playtest Edition 1.pdf

Definetly will do going forward with version numbering. 

Hi, I think that the manual would be easier to read if it had different colours or icons in brackets for resources such as Grit, Resolve, Surge etc. It will make it easier to connect concepts while reading, know which one is for each thing and just make it easier to understand in general. Thanks.

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Hi Igku, thank you, and yes, this may be done in the final layout, not at this early stage where everything is still in flux.